commercial airplane

commercial aviation

By the time commercial aviation entered the jet age in the late 1950s, our synthetic oils were leading the way, lubricating the engines and accessories of military aircraft and the first passenger jets. Today's modern jet engines require a lubricant that can handle extreme speed, temperature, and other stress without breaking down or forming deposits. Our Mobil Jet Oils™ are tailor-made to meet these challenges.

A complete line of performance lubricants for commercial aircraft ExxonMobil commercial aviation lubricants are:

  • Formulated to meet or exceed industry specifications
  • Comprehensively lab and field tested
  • Engineered by ExxonMobil researchers to optimize performance
  • Manufactured using Product Quality Management System (PQMS) to ensure products are dependable worldwide
  • Backed by a global team of aviation lubricants experts

Our commercial aviation lubricants include:

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